Eurovision in Latin: Tegulator est latrator?

Die Saturni certamen Europiense carminum Sueciā evenit. Viginti sex nationes contenderunt. Modo cantori uni de quāque nationē certare licet, et legati cantoribus suffragiantur. Victrix Emmelia Daniensis erat, quae carmen ‘Tantum Lacrimae’ egit. Cantor Britannica, Bonnia Tegulator, quae ‘Mihi Credi’ cantavit, undevicensima desiit. Edwina Curria in nuntiō titiatō Bonniam ut latratorem depinxit. Hiberniensis ultimus desiit.

On Saturday, the European song contest happened. Twenty six nations took part. Only one singer is allowed from each nation, and representatives vote for the singers. The winner was Emmelia fron Denmark, who sang ‘Only Teardrops.’ The British singer, Bonnie Tyler, who sang ‘Believe Me,’ finished nineteenth. Edwina Currie in a twitter message described Bonnie as ‘barking.’ The Irishman finished last.


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