Michaeli Jacksoni Manes

Die Saturni in libello diurno Britannico Sol nomine nuntiatum est manes Michaeli Jacksoni per terram errare. Testis in iudicio Phillipsus dixit feminam quamdam idolon vidisse, quod Jacksonum casu perisse patefecerit. Jacksonus re vera multis medicamentis consumptis anno MMIX vixerat. Fratres sororesque in ius Phillipsum vocant qui, ut dicunt, Jacksonum neglegenter curaret. Pecuniam multam de Phillipso poscunt et testimonium idoli derident.


On Saturday in a British newspaper called the Sun it was announced that the spirit of Michael Jackson is wandering the earth. Phillips, a witness in a court case, said that a woman had seen the ghost, which revealed that Jackson had died by accident. In fact, Jackson came to the end of his life after heavy drug use in 2009. His brothers and sisters are suing Phillips for, as they are saying, caring badly for Jackson. They are demanding a lot of money from Phillips, and are laughing at the evidence of a ghost.


Mandela aegrescit

Nelso Mandela, dux prior Africae Australis, morbo pulmoni aegrescit. Mandela nonaginta quattuor annos natus est. Multos annos contra patres Europenses nationis suae certabat quod Aethiopes libertos voluit. Viginti septem annos in carcere arescebat, sed libertatem gentis suae semper curabat. Tandem e carcere anno MXM solutum Mandelam populus Africae Australis ut ducem nationis elegit. Hodie tamen, ut videtur, Mandela triste abscessum appropinquet.


Nelson Mandela, a previous president of South Africa, is seriously ill with a lung disease. Mandela is ninety four years old. For many years he struggled against the white rulers of his country because he wanted Africans to be free. For twenty seven years he languished in gaol, but he always worked for the freedom of his people. Finally released from gaol in 1990, the people of South Africa elected Mandela as their president. However, sadly today it seems that Mandela is approaching his end.


Patrick Mercer MP se remisit

Legatus Patricius Mercer factione Conservativa se remisit qui pecuniam clanculum Patres acciperet. Duo confectores diurnorum se dissimulabant ut Mercerem deciperent. Hic eis promisit ut Ministrum in Curia Parliamentarie roget ad insulas Figienses digne producendas. Duo milia librarum furtive accepit. Culpis patefactis Mercer se remisit. Cameroni duci Conservativo, ut fertur, maxime placet quod Mercer inimicus ei est.


Patrick Mercer MP (guardian.co.uk)

The MP Patrick Mercer has resigned from the Conservative party because he accepted money with declaring it to Parliament. Two journalists went under cover to catch Mercer out. He promised them that he would question the Minister in the Commons in order to favourably promote Fiji. He secretly accepted two thousand pounds. Once his indiscretions were revealed, Mercer rsigned. Cameron, the Conservative leader, is said to be very pleased because Mercer is an enemy of his.