Mandela aegrescit

Nelso Mandela, dux prior Africae Australis, morbo pulmoni aegrescit. Mandela nonaginta quattuor annos natus est. Multos annos contra patres Europenses nationis suae certabat quod Aethiopes libertos voluit. Viginti septem annos in carcere arescebat, sed libertatem gentis suae semper curabat. Tandem e carcere anno MXM solutum Mandelam populus Africae Australis ut ducem nationis elegit. Hodie tamen, ut videtur, Mandela triste abscessum appropinquet.


Nelson Mandela, a previous president of South Africa, is seriously ill with a lung disease. Mandela is ninety four years old. For many years he struggled against the white rulers of his country because he wanted Africans to be free. For twenty seven years he languished in gaol, but he always worked for the freedom of his people. Finally released from gaol in 1990, the people of South Africa elected Mandela as their president. However, sadly today it seems that Mandela is approaching his end.


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