Michaeli Jacksoni Manes

Die Saturni in libello diurno Britannico Sol nomine nuntiatum est manes Michaeli Jacksoni per terram errare. Testis in iudicio Phillipsus dixit feminam quamdam idolon vidisse, quod Jacksonum casu perisse patefecerit. Jacksonus re vera multis medicamentis consumptis anno MMIX vixerat. Fratres sororesque in ius Phillipsum vocant qui, ut dicunt, Jacksonum neglegenter curaret. Pecuniam multam de Phillipso poscunt et testimonium idoli derident.


On Saturday in a British newspaper called the Sun it was announced that the spirit of Michael Jackson is wandering the earth. Phillips, a witness in a court case, said that a woman had seen the ghost, which revealed that Jackson had died by accident. In fact, Jackson came to the end of his life after heavy drug use in 2009. His brothers and sisters are suing Phillips for, as they are saying, caring badly for Jackson. They are demanding a lot of money from Phillips, and are laughing at the evidence of a ghost.


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