feminae de carcere exsolutae adiuvandae: the need to help female prisoners upon release


Commisio Senatoria libellum provulgavit de feminis in carcerē detentis. Quattuor milia feminarum hodie Britanniā  in carceribus adsunt, quorum tamen oportet modo paucas ibi manere. Impendium ingentissimum sed fructus carceris minimus reipublicae inest. Nonnullae incarceratae inopes vel phreneticae vel aegrae vel viris suis consectatae sunt. Debemus eas adiuvare non punire. Ergo duces reipublicae rationem instituerunt qua de carcere exsolutas duodecim menses officiales adstitabint ut feminae recte se sublevant.


A Parliamentary committee has published a report about women held in prison. Today there are four thousand women in prison, however only a few of them should stay there. The state bears a huge cost, but little benefit from prisons. Most female prisoners are poor, have mental health problems, are sick or are abused by their partners. We should help them rather than punish them. So the government has come up with a plan by which officials will stand by women released from prison so that they can support themselves honestly.


Caledonius in certamine Vimbledonense vicit.

Anni septuaginta septem erant cum Britannicus certamen tenendi Vimbledono vicit, vel triginti septem cum Britannica vicit. Die domini tamen Caledonius Andreus Murraius omnes superavit. Certamen longum erat. quamquam modo ambitūs tres erant, Murraius Djocovicusque tres horas certabant. Die aestoso lusores calescebant dum populus Britannicus spectabat. Interdum animos desponderent, interdum spes renovata est. Tandem Murraius optimus fuit victor.

It was seventy seven years since a British man won the tennis at Wimbledon, thirty seven since a British woman. On Sunday, the Scot Andrew Murray beat everyone. It was a long match. Although there were only three sets, Murray and Djocovitch contested it for three hours. On a hot day, the players sweated while the British people watched. At times they despaired, at times their hopes were renewed. Finally Murray was the overall victor.

Lapides Volventes in campo Glastoburghense

Nocte Saturni in campo Glastonburghense senex centum milia hominum delectavit. Jagger, sexaginti novem annos natus, et manus suus, Lapides Volventes nomine, horas duas cantabant, saltitabant et citharis tympanisque canebant. Sorores Woolnough cum iuvenibus suis aderant. Mihi dixerunt Lapides praestantissimi erant. rauci non suavissime sed ferocissime carmina peregerunt.

On Saturday night in a filed at Glastonbury and old man entertained one hundred thousand people. For two hours the sixty nine year old Jagger and his group, the Rolling Stones, sang, jumped about and played their guitars and drums. The Woolnough sisters were there with their young men. They told me that the Stones were outstanding. They were loud and went through their songs not sweetly but ferociously.