Lapides Volventes in campo Glastoburghense

Nocte Saturni in campo Glastonburghense senex centum milia hominum delectavit. Jagger, sexaginti novem annos natus, et manus suus, Lapides Volventes nomine, horas duas cantabant, saltitabant et citharis tympanisque canebant. Sorores Woolnough cum iuvenibus suis aderant. Mihi dixerunt Lapides praestantissimi erant. rauci non suavissime sed ferocissime carmina peregerunt.

On Saturday night in a filed at Glastonbury and old man entertained one hundred thousand people. For two hours the sixty nine year old Jagger and his group, the Rolling Stones, sang, jumped about and played their guitars and drums. The Woolnough sisters were there with their young men. They told me that the Stones were outstanding. They were loud and went through their songs not sweetly but ferociously.


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