Caledonius in certamine Vimbledonense vicit.

Anni septuaginta septem erant cum Britannicus certamen tenendi Vimbledono vicit, vel triginti septem cum Britannica vicit. Die domini tamen Caledonius Andreus Murraius omnes superavit. Certamen longum erat. quamquam modo ambitūs tres erant, Murraius Djocovicusque tres horas certabant. Die aestoso lusores calescebant dum populus Britannicus spectabat. Interdum animos desponderent, interdum spes renovata est. Tandem Murraius optimus fuit victor.

It was seventy seven years since a British man won the tennis at Wimbledon, thirty seven since a British woman. On Sunday, the Scot Andrew Murray beat everyone. It was a long match. Although there were only three sets, Murray and Djocovitch contested it for three hours. On a hot day, the players sweated while the British people watched. At times they despaired, at times their hopes were renewed. Finally Murray was the overall victor.


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