feminae de carcere exsolutae adiuvandae: the need to help female prisoners upon release


Commisio Senatoria libellum provulgavit de feminis in carcerē detentis. Quattuor milia feminarum hodie Britanniā  in carceribus adsunt, quorum tamen oportet modo paucas ibi manere. Impendium ingentissimum sed fructus carceris minimus reipublicae inest. Nonnullae incarceratae inopes vel phreneticae vel aegrae vel viris suis consectatae sunt. Debemus eas adiuvare non punire. Ergo duces reipublicae rationem instituerunt qua de carcere exsolutas duodecim menses officiales adstitabint ut feminae recte se sublevant.


A Parliamentary committee has published a report about women held in prison. Today there are four thousand women in prison, however only a few of them should stay there. The state bears a huge cost, but little benefit from prisons. Most female prisoners are poor, have mental health problems, are sick or are abused by their partners. We should help them rather than punish them. So the government has come up with a plan by which officials will stand by women released from prison so that they can support themselves honestly.


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