Ludi Olympici Nipponenses

Urbs Nipponensis Tokio ludos Olympicos anno MMXX complectet. Tokio, in contentione qua locus Olympicus optetur, urbes Constantinopolis Madritique superavit. Gentes magna dispendia ludorum amplexunt quod honores maximi nationi afferant, ergo inter se urbes obnixe contendebant. Tokio, ut fertur, est locus anceps quod Fukushima modo CXL milia passuum distat, ubi toxicum nuclearis solum aquamque aeremque graviter foedavit. Dux tamen, Shinzo Abe nomine, rem Olympicam Nipponensem anno MMXX futurum esse omnino tutum confirmavit.

shinzo abe

The Japanese city Tokyo will welcome the Olympic Games in 2020. Tokyo beat the cities of Istanbul and Madrid in the competition by which the Olympic site is chosen. People accept the heavy costs of the games because of the prestige it gives to the nation. They say that Tokio is a risky place because only 140 miles away is Fukushima, where nuclear pollution has poisoned the soil, the water and the air. However the Prime Minister,  Shinzo Abe, has asserted that  the Japanese Olympics in 2020 will be completely safe.


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