Cursus Britanniae: Tour of Britain

Die Domini undeviginti manūs birotorum de urbe Peeblese  Caledoniense abiverunt. Super birotas centum decem quattuor certatores contendunt, quibus inest ille Comes Bradleius Wiggins optimus. Lancastriensis Mattheus Cronshaw, viginti quattuor annos natus, qui scholam Carnforde comitatus est, certatur. Die Lunae de Luguvallio ad Kendalem trans centum decem milia passuum clivosa contendent, sed infeliciter Lancastriae urbem praeteribunt. Londinio die Domini sequente peragent. secunda sint Bradleii Mattheique. Festinate!

On Sunday nineteen teams of cyclists set off from the Scottish town of Peebles. One hundred and fourteen competitors are taking part, amongst whom is the great Sir Bradley Wiggins. A Lancastrian Matthew Cronshaw, twenty four years old, who attended school in Carnforth, is taking part. On Monday, they will cover a hundred and ten hilly miles from Carlisle to Kendal, but unfortunately they will pass Lancaster by. They will finish on the following Sunday in London. Good luck, Bradley and Matt. Go for it!


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