Guns in American fast food eateries

Septimana proxima duces comitatuum Americanorum consulti sunt utrum anne clientes liceat in tabernis suis gerere pistolia. Legati Stellabux, taberna caffeatoria, et DunkinDonuts (Crustula Mergentia) dixerunt pistolia non esse accepta, sed legatus MacDonalds accepta pistolia dixit si leges regionales rem adprobent. Ergo quandocunque Americā panulum MacMagnum emātis, vobis cavere oportet.

Last week, the bosses of some American companies were asked whether or not customers were allowed to carry guns in their shops. The representatives of Starbucks and DunkinDonuts said that guns were not welcome, but the MacDonalds representative said they wer welcome if the laws of the state allowed it. So whenever you buy a Big Mac burger in America, you’d better watch out.


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