Preston Bus Station: statio ad quadrigas stabulandas

Brutalist monstrosity or paragon?

Preston Bus Station

Urbi Prestoni est statio maxima ad quadrigas stabulandas. Anno MCMXLIV structa est. Hodie aedicificium alii oderunt alii amant. Alii brutum, alii exemplo esse optimo architecturae modernae dixerunt. Pauci id foedissimum putant sed errant. Decuriones urbis stationem destruere volunt quod, ut dicunt, nunc inutilis pretiosa sit. Fautores tamen architecturae modernae consilium reiecerunt quod aedificium mirificum egregiumque sit. Feliciter duces reipublicae censuerunt stationem non ab decurionibus destruendam.

The town of Preston has a very large bus station. It was built in 1964. Today some people hate the building, others love it. Some say that its ungainly, others that it is an excellent example of modern architecture. A few say it’s very ugly, but they are wrong. The Town Council want to demolish the bus station because, they say, it is now useless and expensive. Supporters of modern architecture oppose the plan on the grounds that it is an amazing and special building. Fortunately the Government have decided that the Town Council may not demolish the bus station.


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