de tirunculis raedariis: newly qualified drivers

Duces reipublicae censent iuvenes virginesque coercendos: oportet nati intra duodeviginti annos, qui se temerarie gerant, raedas non ducant soli. Nonnullae calamitates tirunculis accidunt. Sed dux AA (raedariorum comitatus) consilium iniustum esse dixit quod nihil aliud est iuvenibus virginibusque extra urbes nisi itinera in raedis faciant. Fallitur. Birotae perfectae sunt ad itinera rustica facienda.

Edmund King, AA president, who has forgotten about bikes

The Government proposes that there should be restrictions on young men and women: those who are under eighteen should not drive cars on their own. A lot of accidents happen with young beginners. But the president of the AA, a motorists’ organisation, said the plan is unfair because there is no alternative for youngsters outside towns unless they can travel by car. He is mistaken. Bicycles are ideal for journeys in the country.


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