Cithara Titanica: the violin from the Titanic

Die Saturni cithara vendita est quae anno MCMXII in naufragio notissimo canita erat. Navis Titanica molem glaciei medio pelago arietavit et lente in mare sidebat. Dum navis submergebat et viatores scaphas intrabant, citharas cantatores sonabant ut omnes demitigarentur. Tandem omnibus scaphis deductis relicti in constrato mortem aequo animo exspectabant. Ultimum carmen quod cithara haec cecinit erat ‘Deus, ad te proprior’. Pretium erat paene librorum milio.

The violin rescued from the sea in April 1912, auctioned in October 2013

Description of the body of bandleader Walter

On Saturday, a violin was sold which had been played in a very famous ship-wreck in 1912. The SS Titanic crashed into an ic-berg mid-ocean and was slowly settling into the sea. While the ship was sinking and the passengers were boarding the lifeboats, the musicians played their instruments in order that everyone would be calmed. Finally, with all the lifeboats launched, those left waited calmly for death on the deck. The final tune that this violin played was ‘Nearer my God to thee.’  Its price was almost a million pounds.


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