Insidiae in Corea Septentrionale: Plots in North Korea

Jang Song Thaek under arrest


IangSongThaecus dux vicarius erat Coreae Septentrionalis, quoque patruus ducis CimIongUni. Septimanā proximā in occursū principium reipublicae repente milites IangSongThaecum arripuerunt. In iudicium adductus damnatus est in carnificam qui insidias duci CimIongUni daret. Praesentarie a sclopetorum manu trucidatus est. Venalis proditorque patriae erat, ut fertur, qui picturas scurriles videbat et erat canis foedus. Revera CimIongUnus tyrannus est qui Coream Septentrionalem rempublicam ita saevissime ducit ut principes nationum orbis terrarum res sint instabiles et ancipes.

Uncle and nephew in happier times: Jang Song Thaek and Kim Jong Un

Jang Song Thaek  was the deputy leader of North Korea and the uncle of its leader Kim Jong Un. Last week at a meeting of the leaders of the country soldiers suddenly arrested Jang Song Thaek. He was brought to trial and condemned to death for plotting against the leader Kim Jong Un. He was immediately slaughtered by a firing squad. He was, they claim, corrupt and a traitor who watched pornography and was a foul dog. In truth, Kim Jong Un is a tyrant who rules the republic of North Korea so cruelly that the world leaders fear that the situation is very unstable and dangerous.

Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea



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