LII Vectores in Nave Glacie Confixa: 52 Passengers in a Ship Stuck by Ice

Navis Russiana


Navis Russiana in glacie Antarcticā abhinc decem dies confixa est. Aestas summa est, sed Terra Australis sic semper est gelidissima ut mare ipsa saepe congelascat. Vectores LII volebant e nave in litore exponi, sed nunc infra iter non faciendum est. Helicopter eos subvenire potuit, quos de nave Russiana toluerit et in navem glaciefractorem Sinensem deposuerit. Infeliciter navis Sinensis nunc in glacie configitur. Quid eveniat? Nescio, sed navis escae et pabuli complures concepit quae vectores multas mensas sustineant, si oporteat.

Chinese icebreaker

Navis Siniensis glaciefractor configitur


A Russian ship has been stuck in the Antarctic ice for ten days. It is summer, but the southern continent is always extremely cold and the sea is often frozen solid. 52 passengers wanted to land onto the shore from the ship, but now they cannot move furhtr south. A helicopter was able to rescue them by lifting them off the Russian ship onto a Chinese icebreaker.  Unfortunately, the Chinese ship is now stuck in the ice. What’s going to happen? I don’t know, but the ship has taken on plenty of food and fuel to support the passengers for several months, if necessary.  .


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