Crevia Alexandria et Leyton Oriens in certamine ancipite: Crewe vs Orient

Die Saturni urbem Creviae visitabam ubi certamen pedipilae vidi. Manus Londiniensis, Leyton Oriens nomine, et Crevia Alxandria in certamine ancipite contendebant. Primum dimidium sedate pugnabatur, sed decem minutis post intermissionem Byro Walker, Alexandrianus, in latere dextro currens metam primam effecit.

byron walker

Byron Walker (in red) of Crewe Alexandria

Deinde Alexandriani inspirati industrius ludebant sed minuta vicesima quinta dimidii secundi lusor Orientalis directe per campum currens metam effecit. Post quinque minutas ante stipites in pugna confusa Oriens metam secundam egit. Oriens aliquando superavit, sed Alexandria fortiter decertaverat. Praeterea, Orienti duae cartae fulvae erant sed Alexandriae nulla carta erat .

On Saturday I visited the town of Crewe where I saw a football game. A London team, Leyton Orient, and Crewe Alexandria were taking part in a crucial match. The first half was cautious, but ten minutes after half time Byron Walker, for the Alex, running down the right wing scored the first goal. The Alx were then inspired and played vigorously, but in the 25th minute of th second half an Orient player scored in a straight run through. Five minutes later in a goal mouth melee Orient gained a second goal. Orient won in the end, but the Alex played well. Moreover, Orient got two yellow cards whereas the Alex got none.


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