Fabula navis Noae in tabulā fictilē scripta. The oldest Noah’s Ark story

Irving Finkel tabulam letteris cuneiformis inscriptam ostendit

Homo callidus, Irving Finkel nominē, invēnit tabulam in quā fabula navis Noae scripta est. In tabulā fictilē scripta est Linguā Babyloniā, cuius litterae sunt cuneiformae. Tabula facta est mille annos antequam Romulus urbem Romae condidit, sive abhinc tres milia septuaginta annos, ut fabula sit veterior quam ipsa Biblia sacra. Finkel dicit in fabulā modum navis faciendae descriptum esse : navis circularis facienda sit, septuaginta passuum dimitiens, funibus piceque ficta. Sed, ut Finkel credit, modo consilium navis sit, quae fortasse numquam facta sit.


An expert by the name of Irving Finkel has found a tablet on which the story of Noah’s Ark is written. It was written on a clay tablet in the Babylonian language, the letters of which are wedge shaped. The tablet was made a thousand years before Romulus founded the city of Rome, or three thousand seven hundred years ago, so the story is older than the Bible itself.  Finkel says that the method of building the Ark is described in the story. The ship was to be made circular, seventy metres across, constructed out of ropes and bitumen. But Finkel believes that it is only a plan for building a ship, which was perhaps never made.


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