Eversio Ukraniensis: res ancipites. Revolution in the Ukraine: a dangerous situation.



Eversio in terris Ukraniensibus evenit. Dux Janukovicus minime gratus erat, principue in terris occidentalibus patriae.


Iste volebat cum Russiā in amicitiā sodalicioque Ukraniam coniungere, sed occidentales, qui linguam Russicam non loquentur, hoc consilium non suscipere possunt. Ergo multas septimanas Ukranienses nonnulli motūs in viis sic coquunt ut homines complures necati sint. Tandem, quod fluctūs non poteretur, Janukovicus abfugit.


Dux prior Timoshenca, quam Janukovicus iniuste incarceraverat, liberata nunc se iterum ducem fieri sperat, sed pauci ei fidunt. Res sunt valde ancipites.


A revolution has happened in the Ukraine. President Yanukovich was very unpopular, especially in the western part of his country. This man wanted to link the Ukraine with Russia in a treaty of friendship, but the westerners who do not speak Russian could not accept this plan. So for many weeks large numbers of Ukranians have been protesting on the streets with the result that many people have been killed. Finally, because he could not control the disturbances, Yanukovich has disappeared. The previous president, Timoshenko, whom Yanukovich had unjustly imprisoned, has been freed and now hopes to become president again, but few people trust her. The situation is on a knife edge.

Vestigia Prisca in Litore Inventa

Vestigia pedium hominum priscorum inventa sunt in litore Norfolkense. Abhinc octingenti milia annorum homines secundum litus ambulantes quinquaginta vestigia pedibus nudis in lutum posuerunt. Aestu marino accesso harenae mox vestigia texerunt, quae per milia annorum durescentia lapidibus fossilibusve commuta sint. Tandem anno MMXIII aestus saxa diripuit ut vestigia non iam laterent. Infeliciter, aestus nunc vestigia ipsa deripuit, sed photographata multa philosophi egerunt quibus studere possint. Iam creverunt quinque homines fuisse, similes staturā hominibus hodiernis. Plura vestigia invenire sperunt. .

footprintsfootprint 2


Footprints of ancient humans have been found on the shore in Norfolk. Eight hundred thousand years ago people walking along the shore in bare feet left fifty prints in the mud. When the tide came in sands soon covered the prints, which hardened over thousands of years and were transformed into rock, or fossils. Finally in 2013 the tide tore away the rocks so that the footprints were no longer hidden. Unfortunately, the tide has now torn away the prints themselves, but scientists took many photos which they can study. They have already noticed that there were five persons, similar in size to modern people. They hope to find more prints.

Nauta sedecim menses in fluctibus iactabatur: sailor adrift for 16 months

Scapha parva in litorem insulae remotae projecta nautam macie confectum continebat. Nauta est Mexicanus qui, ut dicit, vela dedit abhinc sedecim menses ad piscendum. Sed navis, machinā defectā, aestu trans Oceanum Pacificum delata est.


The Pacific Ocean, Mexico to the Marshall Islands

The Pacific Ocean, Mexico to the Marshall Islands

octo miliens milia passuum iter factum est, in quo comes nautae mortuus est, sed hic superest quod pluvias colligeret et testudines piscesque manibus rapiret. Navi eiectā in litorem Ebonis insulae exivit in quo perpauci habitant. Alii dicunt nautam esse quam longissime in fluctibus iactatum, alii dicunt eum esse mendacem qui haudquaqum sic longe in scaphā parvā superesse posset.

Ebon atoll

Ebon atoll in the Marshall Islands


A small boat, washed up on the shore of a remote island, held an exhausted and emaciated sailor. The sailor is Mexican and he says that he set sail sixteen months ago to go fishing. But his boat, with its motor broken, was carried by the current across the Pacific. The distance was 8000 miles; his companion died, but the sailor survived by collecting rainwater and catching turtles and fish with his hands. He landed when the boat washed up on the shore of the island of Ebon, on which very few people live. Some people say that he has survived the longest time adrift on the sea, others say that he is a liar because there is no way he could have survived so long in a small boat.