Eversio Ukraniensis: res ancipites. Revolution in the Ukraine: a dangerous situation.



Eversio in terris Ukraniensibus evenit. Dux Janukovicus minime gratus erat, principue in terris occidentalibus patriae.


Iste volebat cum Russiā in amicitiā sodalicioque Ukraniam coniungere, sed occidentales, qui linguam Russicam non loquentur, hoc consilium non suscipere possunt. Ergo multas septimanas Ukranienses nonnulli motūs in viis sic coquunt ut homines complures necati sint. Tandem, quod fluctūs non poteretur, Janukovicus abfugit.


Dux prior Timoshenca, quam Janukovicus iniuste incarceraverat, liberata nunc se iterum ducem fieri sperat, sed pauci ei fidunt. Res sunt valde ancipites.


A revolution has happened in the Ukraine. President Yanukovich was very unpopular, especially in the western part of his country. This man wanted to link the Ukraine with Russia in a treaty of friendship, but the westerners who do not speak Russian could not accept this plan. So for many weeks large numbers of Ukranians have been protesting on the streets with the result that many people have been killed. Finally, because he could not control the disturbances, Yanukovich has disappeared. The previous president, Timoshenko, whom Yanukovich had unjustly imprisoned, has been freed and now hopes to become president again, but few people trust her. The situation is on a knife edge.


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