Cadaver spirat. A dead body comes to life.


Vir annos septuaginta octo annos natus diē Mercurii periit. Civis Americanus Mississippi civitatem habitabat. Pulsus moderator in thoraci eius positus est, sed machinā subito pausatā vir interivit. Cadaver in mortuarium translatum iudex coroner inspexit et decrevit eum syncopā afflictum cecidisse. Sed diē Jovis, post nonnullas horas machina resumpsit ut animus animaque viri reveniant. Pollinctores attoniti cadaver versans conspexerunt. Medicō arcessitō vir sanescere coepit. Felicissimus vir nunc ad familiares regressus est. dicit se gaudēre quod vivit. Exsequia abrogatur.

A man seventy eight years of age died on Wednesday. He was an American citizen living in the state of Mississppi. A pacemaker was fitted in his chest, but when the battery suddenly stopped it failed.  The coroner inspected the body, after it was moved to the mortuary, and decided that he had succumbed to heart failure. But several hours later, on Thursday, the batteries started again and life returned to the man. The undertakers were astonished to see the body moving.  A doctor was called and he is now recovering. The very lucky man has not rejoined his family. He says he is delighted to be alive. The funeral has been cancelled.



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