Clades Gravissima in monte altissima: very high death-toll on the highest mountain.



Everesta mons altissima in orbe terrarum praestat. Homines montani ad cacumen Everstae ascendere volunt ut se peritissimi et fortissimi confirmant, sed res est valde periculosa. Die Jovis casus nivis glacieique de monte repente descendit et moles ingens homines plurimos de rupibus verrit. Omnes certe perierunt; tredecim cadavera invenientur, sed tres homines adhuc absunt. Mortui  incolae errant montium, Sherpae genti inerant qui impedimenta portent et advenas per montes perductent. Quam pernicies gravissima. Tanta clades erat quanta numquam Everestā monte antehac evenerat.


Everest is the highest maintain in the world. Mountaineers want to climb to the summit so that they can prove that they are extremely skilled and brave, but it is a perilous undertaking. On Thursday, an avalanche of snow and ice suddenly came down the mountain, and the huge mass swept several people from the rocks. They all certainly died; 13 bodies have been found but three people are still missing. The dead were mountain dwellers, they belonged to the Sherpa people, who carry baggage and guide visitors through the mountains. What a terrible disaster. The loss of life is the greatest ever on mount Everest.