Cursus Franciae Eboracia, cavendo conficiatur. Care needed on the Tour de France in Yorkshire

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familiares mei

Eboraciā diē Saturni ducenti birotatores Cursum Franciae, certamen dierum viginti unum, exorsi sunt. Duo miliones hominum vias frequentabant ut competitores viderent. Ego cum meis ad Cursum Skiptone spectabam.

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Skipton, Eboracia

Turbae spectatorium maxime commotae radiis solis et Eboraciae amoenitatē fructae sunt. Spem omnium vicendorum in Harrogatiā a Marci Cavendish habebant. Birotatoribus montes praecipites superandae erant sicut saltus notissimus Butyri Alveorum (Buttertubs). Iter periculosum factum est per centum milia passuum. Cursus cavendo conficiatur, sed Cavendish ipse strenuissime furioseque navans in ultimis metris in lapidos viae rutus sic graviter laesus est ut dubitetur quominus in cursū pergat. Nos Eboracienses de spe deiecti sumus, sed Britanni quoque Christopheri Froome favent. Hodie de Ebore ad Sheffagrum certatum erit.


Jens Voigt Skiptone praecurrebat. tete de la course

In Yorkshire on Saturday two hundred cyclists set off on the Tour de France, a race of twenty one days. Two million people crowded the roads to see the competitors. I watched with my family at Skipton. The crowds of highly excited spectators enjoyed the sunshine and the beauty of Yorkshire. They hoped that Mark Cavendish would triumph over the whole field in Harrogate. The riders had to overcome steep climbs like the famous Buttertubs Pass. The dangerous route passed over 120 miles. The Tour needs to be completed with care, but Cavendish himself sprinting furiously and flat out hit the gravel on the road and was so badly hurt that it is not certain that he will complete the race. We Yorkshire people were disappointed but the Brits are also backing Chris Froome. Today the race will be from York to Sheffield.


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