Guido scholam Lancastriensem relinquit. Mr Woolnough leaves LGGS

Abhinc sex annos cursus linguae Latinae in Scholā Puellarum Lancastriense incipitur. Guidonē magistro puellae diligentes studiosaeque in classes post horas scholae discent syntaxem et verba et litteras Latinae.

Interea Guido ipse Universitate Keelense rebus delictorum sive criminologiā studebat donec anno MMXIII laurea doctoris ei adjudicata sit. Abhinc dies quinque Universitas Keelensis Guidonem illuc vocavit ut disciplinam criminologiae tradat. Hic consensit et Kalendas Septembrias incipiet Keeleā docere. Guido dolet scholam discipulasque Lancastriae relinquere. Ei paenitet quod modo dies paucae supersunt in quibus omnes valere iubeat. Guido, magnopere Latina docenda fructus,  caritatem ingentem discipularum magistrorumque scholae habet. Omnibus fideliter “valete” dicit.


Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School


Six years ago the Latin course started at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School. With Mr Woolnough as teacher, hardworking and conscientious girls have learnt about the structure, vocabulary and literature of Latin. At the same time Mr Woolnough has been studying criminology at Keele University, until he was awarded a doctorate in 2013. Five days ago, Keele invited Mr Woolnough to teach criminology. He agreed and will start to teach at Keele on September 1st.


Keele University

Mr Woolnough is sad to leave the school and the pupils, and regrets that only a few days remain to say farewell to everyone. Mr Woolnough, who has gained so much from teaching Latin, holds a strong affection for the students and teachers of the school. He is saying a heartfelt ‘farewell’ to everyone.



2 thoughts on “Guido scholam Lancastriensem relinquit. Mr Woolnough leaves LGGS

  1. Such great news about yr Keele job, Guy, very many congratulations.I shall miss the Latin blog though which I struggle through each time – I can manage individual words but the grammar and construction have melted away!
    Best wishes Eleanor Fisher

    • Thank you, Eleanor. I am really pleased to have got the Keele job. The only regret is giving up the Latin at LGGS. However, I hope to continue my Latin blog. I have already blogged this week, on the plane shot down over Ukraine. Thanks for your comment. Best wishes, Guy

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