Aeroplana missile ignifero exscissa: clades ingens, flagitium horrendum.

Die Jovis aeroplana Malaysiana missile ignifero icta de undecim milia metrorum in solum Ukranae delapsa est. fere tres centum viatorum nautarumque occisi sunt, qui decem Britannos continentes cives erant nationum complurium. Aeroplanā in fragmentis dissolutā, cadavera de caelo in arva tectaque casarum deciderunt.

body in field

A body under a plastic sheet.

Populi mundi flagitium horrendum criminantur: quis, poscunt, talem nefarium faciret? Nonnulli res Ukranas culpant. In Ukranā oriente de quo missile contorquetum est Russici seditionem discordiamque concitant. Rebelles nullā disciplinā assuefacti nuper orti sunt, sed arma provecta recentiaque nacti sunt. Multi Putinam ducem Russicum accusant qui arma sicut missilia tradans rebelles hortetur.


Nunc rebelles inordinati investigatores interdicunt ne locum naufragii visitent ad indicia flagitii invenienda. Nunc homines immundi ebriique cadavera rimantur et despoliant. Putina vehementer infititur se missile rebellibus tradiderit aut animos eorum accenderit, sed hodie pauci Russicis credunt. Res ancipites sunt.



A rebel gunman walks over a wing of the plane


On Thursday a Malaysian aeroplane was hit by a missile and fell from eleven thousand metres onto Ukranian soil. Almost three hundred passengers and crew were killed, who were citizens of several nations, including ten Britons. The plane was smashed into pieces and bodies fell from the sky onto fields and the roofs of houses. The people of the world have condemned this terrible crime: who, they want to know, could do such a terrible deed? Many people blame the situation in the Ukraine. The Russians have been stirring up trouble and rebellion in the east of Ukraine, from where the missile was launched. Recently untrained and disorderly rebels have appeared, equipped with advanced and modern weapons. Many accuse Putin the Russian leader for encouraging the rebels and supplying them with weapons like missiles. Now ill-disciplined rebels are preventing investigators from visiting the crash site to look for evidenc of the crime. Now scruffy and drunk men are rifling and robbing the bodies. Putin strenuously denies that he provided the rebels with the missile or has inflamed their passions, but few people today trust the Russians. The situation is grave.



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