Armillae cum verbis politicis aut pacificentibus. Wristbands with political or with peaceful messages.

Heri contendebatur pilā clavāque inter Indicos et Britannicos. Lusor Britannicus, Moeen Ali nomine, armillas gestabat in quis verba ‘Palestina Liberanda’ et ‘Gaza Curanda’ scripta erant.



Hoc ipso tempore milites Israelii Gazam sic ferociter oppugnant ut multi Gazenses, praecipue eorum liberi, concīdentur. Multi populi orbis terrarum deplorantes de rebus Gazensibus indutias praesentes  poscunt. ali

ICC (sive Pilae Clavaeque Senatus Gentium) lusores vetunt verba politica gestare. Moeen tamen sociique sui asseverant haec verba non esse politica sed facientia pacem. Sententia haec valde est dubia, sed ICC non dissentiunt. Nunc iam Moeen armillas gestat.

moeen bowling

Yesterday there was a cricket match between the Indian and British teams. A British player, Moeen Ali, was wearing armbands on which were written the words ‘Free Palestine’ and ‘Save Gaza’. At this very time Israeli soldiers are ferociously attacking Gaza, leading to the slaughter of many Gazans, especially children. All around the world people are appalled at what is happening in Gaza and are calling for a ceasefire.

The ICC (International Cricket Council) bans players from wearing political messages. However, Moeen and his team mates assert that these words are not political, but are peace-making. This opinion is certainly contentious, but the ICC has not disagreed. Moeen is still wearing the armbands.


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