Katriana Vepres iterum in scaena cantat: Kate Bush performs live again


Die Martis Londinio cantrix Katriana Vepres in scaena erat. Iampridem Katriana non in aperto cantat, vero abhinc annos triginti quinque. Horas tres spectatores magnopere delectabat. Cantantem de naufragio, Katrianam, in undis perditam secundum canem, helicopter ex mare tulit. Non iam Katriana tale voce angusta ululat quale annos undeviginti nata cantare posset sed spectaculum insolitum audientibus praebuit. Omnes rebus Vepris fructi sunt. Acta diurna Tempora dicunt eam esse Britannicissam omnium qui modo fanatico novissimo cantent. Filia mea Veritas fervide commovetur quae tesseram habeat ad spectaculum videndum.

bush helicopter 

On Tuesday in London the singer Kate Bush was on stage. Kate has not sung in public for a long time, in fact 35 years. For three hours she enthralled the audience. Singing about a ship wreck in which she was cast into the waves, Kate was lifted from the sea by a helicopter.  Kate no longer hits the very high notes which she could sing when she was 19 years old, but she gave the audience an outstanding show. Everyone enjoyed Bush’s performance. The Times newspaper said that she is the most British of all the most progressive pop musicians. My daughter Verity is very excited because she has a ticket for the show.


Ducibusne languescentibus Apocalypsis eveniat? Will the Apocalypse happen while our leaders are relaxing?


Dies tremendae adsint? Acta diurna res diriores in dies nobis nuntiant.

Gratia exempli in Africa vis morbi Ebolae evagatur. Indices mortuorum sine laxamenta augescunt, medici vix aegros curare possunt et nuper viatores ubique impediuntur.


Medics fighting Ebola in West Africa

Oriente milites exercitus ISIL dicantes se esse solos vero Muslimos contendunt ut de nationibus Iraci Syriaeque desciscant et jugo Shiito deiecto regnum Sunnium condant.


 Milites atroces, mortes suas quaerentes vitasque aspernantes, pavorem in populis iniciunt quod feminas puellasque hostium rapiunt et viros omnes et pueros trucidant. Nuper Americanum captum sicarius Britannicus exercitu ISIL coniunctus foedissime truncavit. Rem scelestum per retem mondialem omnibus ISIL exhibuit.

Palestina inter Arabicos Judaeosque semper sine mora pugnatur ut multi Arabici et perpauci Judaei occiduntur, nemine de conditionibus pacis agente.

Russici plaustra compluria, matiries ferentia quae viribus Ukranae minentur, trans limitem suum mittere temptant ad populum Ukranae irritandum.


Russian lorries queuing to enter Ukraine

Denique urbem Americanam Ferguson turbulentiae adflictant cum lictor quidam iuvenem inermem sed furtem, iudicio lictoris, sex glandibus plumbeis feriverit. Vulgo aliter res explicatur, nonnullis dicantibus lictorem iuvenem ferivisse quod esset Afro-Americanus.


Heavily armed police in Ferguson

Apocalypsis evenit? Ubi sunt duces? Feriis fructantur.


Is this the end of days? The news reports worse things everyday. For example, in Africa there is an epidemic of Ebola. The number of dead is increasing without respite. the doctors can scarcely look after the sick and recently travel has been restricted.

In the East, fighters of the ISIL army, calling themselves the only true Muslims, are fighting to break away from Iraq and Syria, to throw off Shiite domination and set up a Sunni state. Ruthless soldiers are seeking death with no regard for their own lives. They are spreading terror amongst the people by abducting women and girls, and killing all the men and boys. Recently a British murderer, who had joined the ISIL forces, dreadfully beheaded an American captive. They showed this awful deed to the world on the internet.

In Palestine, the fighting is still going on without respite between the Arabs and the Israelis, and many Arabs plus a few Jews have been killed, and no one is talking about peace.

The Russians are threatening the Ukrainian authorities by trying to send lorries full of supplies across the border, to the annoyance of the Ukrainian people. Finally, the American town of Ferguson has been hit with rioting after a policeman shot an unarmed young man six times, on the grounds that he was a thief. There is another explanation among the public. A lot of them say that the policeman shot him because the young man was an African-American.

Is this the Apocalypse? Where are our leaders? They are enjoying their holidays.


Jo Pavey, athleta praestantissima

Josephina Pavey, athleta Britannica, Turico die quinto decimo Augustii superavit.

pavey race

Omnes athletas Europenses in curso decem milia passum vixit. Jo multos annos assidue strenueque ita se exercet ut semper celerior fiat. Quadraginta annos nata, at nunc Jo Europea praestat, etsi multi dicunt feminam esse seniorem post annum quadragensimum quam quae certaminibus inter nationes contendat.

Jo Pavey wins 10,000m

Jo vero rem rarissimam effecit quae nuper libros duos pepererit, alio quinque annos nato, alia undecim menses. Modo abhinc quattuor menses filiam mamillis alere destitit. Jo familiaresque sui se ludos Olympicos anno MMXVI contenturam sperant.



Jo Pavey, a British athlete, triumphed in Zurich on the 15th of August. She won the ten thousand metre race in the European championships. Jo has trained seriously and conscientiously for many years to become faster.  She is now forty, but is the number one in Europe, even though many say that a woman is too old at forty to compete in international championships. Jo’s achievement is outstanding for she has recently given birth to two children, a boy aged five and girl aged eleven months. It was only four months ago that she stopped breastfeeding her daughter. Jo and her family are hoping that she will compete at the Olympics in 2016.

Pabulum fluidum raptum de subsolo: Fuel stolen from underground


Villa Chevening

Die Saturni furtum patefactum est quo triginti milia litrorum petrolei per diem rapiebantur. Fures foramine clandestine facto tantum petroleum de tubo subterraneo per septem menses nemine animadvertante deducebant quanto lucrum octo milionum librorum adepti sint. Tubus per solum multa milia passuum porrigitur ut petroleum, pabulum fluidum, de Hampshire ad Purfleet ducatur. Res nocens magnopere periculosa erat, quod petroleum maxime compressum in tubo, solutum facilissime exploderet. Furibus doctis scientia sollertissima adhibendum erat. Foramen, fertur, sub villa Chevening Nicolae Clegg, vicarii Primi Ministri, inventus est.


On Saturday a theft was revealed in which thirty thousand litres of petrol per day had been taken. The thieves had secretly made a hole and had without anyone noticing taken out of the underground pipeline over a period of seven months enough petrol to make a profit of eight million pounds. The pipeline stretches many miles through the ground to take the petrol, a liquid fuel, from Hampshire to Purfleet. This criminal deed was exceedingly dangerous because the petrol is under very high pressure in the pipe and could easily explode once released. The thieves had to be trained and to use the highest technology. The hole, it is reported, was found under Chevening, the house of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg

Incus, dapes summa concinnitate offerens. L’enclume, offering the finest dishes.

Feriati die Jovis in taberna summae impensae prandimus, L’enclume sive Incus nomine.


L’enclume Cumbriā in urbe parvā Cartmelā positā cibum lepidissimum cenatoribus offert. Ergo sicut cenā Trimalchionis servi multi compluria gustula de epulis sumptis facta nobis apportaverunt, qui ingredientia peritissime exaperire poterant. Uxor mecum fructa est dapibus optimis summā concinnitate coctis quae conjunctae essent modis insolitis coloribusque pulcherrime mixtis. Panis etiam erat exquisitus de farinā acidā subactus. Sapores insolentes, brassicae parvulae, herbae differentes, carnes dulces, mala delectabilia cenam effecerunt quam multos annos meminero.


On holiday, we lunched on Thursday at a very expensive restaurant, L’enclume or the Anvil. L’enclume is situated in a small Cumbrian town, Cartmel, and offers diners the finest food. It was like the feast of Trimalchio: many waiters brought us several dainty treats made with the finest foods and explained most expertly the ingredients. My wife and I enjoyed the most delicate of dishes cooked in the height of elegance, for they were prepared in unusual ways, and the colours were blended most beautifully. Even the brad was exquisite, being prepared with sour dough. Novel flavours, baby vegetables, unusual herbs, the finest meats, created a meal which we will remember for many years.