Incus, dapes summa concinnitate offerens. L’enclume, offering the finest dishes.

Feriati die Jovis in taberna summae impensae prandimus, L’enclume sive Incus nomine.

L’enclume Cumbriā in urbe parvā Cartmelā positā cibum lepidissimum cenatoribus offert. Ergo sicut cenā Trimalchionis servi multi compluria gustula de epulis sumptis facta nobis apportaverunt, qui ingredientia peritissime exaperire poterant. Uxor mecum fructa est dapibus optimis summā concinnitate coctis quae conjunctae essent modis insolitis coloribusque pulcherrime mixtis. Panis etiam erat exquisitus de farinā acidā subactus. Sapores insolentes, brassicae parvulae, herbae differentes, carnes dulces, mala delectabilia cenam effecerunt quam multos annos meminero.


On holiday, we lunched on Thursday at a very expensive restaurant, L’enclume or the Anvil. L’enclume is situated in a small Cumbrian town, Cartmel, and offers diners the finest food. It was like the feast of Trimalchio: many waiters brought us several dainty treats made with the finest foods and explained most expertly the ingredients. My wife and I enjoyed the most delicate of dishes cooked in the height of elegance, for they were prepared in unusual ways, and the colours were blended most beautifully. Even the brad was exquisite, being prepared with sour dough. Novel flavours, baby vegetables, unusual herbs, the finest meats, created a meal which we will remember for many years.


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