Pabulum fluidum raptum de subsolo: Fuel stolen from underground


Villa Chevening

Die Saturni furtum patefactum est quo triginti milia litrorum petrolei per diem rapiebantur. Fures foramine clandestine facto tantum petroleum de tubo subterraneo per septem menses nemine animadvertante deducebant quanto lucrum octo milionum librorum adepti sint. Tubus per solum multa milia passuum porrigitur ut petroleum, pabulum fluidum, de Hampshire ad Purfleet ducatur. Res nocens magnopere periculosa erat, quod petroleum maxime compressum in tubo, solutum facilissime exploderet. Furibus doctis scientia sollertissima adhibendum erat. Foramen, fertur, sub villa Chevening Nicolae Clegg, vicarii Primi Ministri, inventus est.


On Saturday a theft was revealed in which thirty thousand litres of petrol per day had been taken. The thieves had secretly made a hole and had without anyone noticing taken out of the underground pipeline over a period of seven months enough petrol to make a profit of eight million pounds. The pipeline stretches many miles through the ground to take the petrol, a liquid fuel, from Hampshire to Purfleet. This criminal deed was exceedingly dangerous because the petrol is under very high pressure in the pipe and could easily explode once released. The thieves had to be trained and to use the highest technology. The hole, it is reported, was found under Chevening, the house of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg


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