Jo Pavey, athleta praestantissima

Josephina Pavey, athleta Britannica, Turico die quinto decimo Augustii superavit.

pavey race

Omnes athletas Europenses in curso decem milia passum vixit. Jo multos annos assidue strenueque ita se exercet ut semper celerior fiat. Quadraginta annos nata, at nunc Jo Europea praestat, etsi multi dicunt feminam esse seniorem post annum quadragensimum quam quae certaminibus inter nationes contendat.

Jo Pavey wins 10,000m

Jo vero rem rarissimam effecit quae nuper libros duos pepererit, alio quinque annos nato, alia undecim menses. Modo abhinc quattuor menses filiam mamillis alere destitit. Jo familiaresque sui se ludos Olympicos anno MMXVI contenturam sperant.



Jo Pavey, a British athlete, triumphed in Zurich on the 15th of August. She won the ten thousand metre race in the European championships. Jo has trained seriously and conscientiously for many years to become faster.  She is now forty, but is the number one in Europe, even though many say that a woman is too old at forty to compete in international championships. Jo’s achievement is outstanding for she has recently given birth to two children, a boy aged five and girl aged eleven months. It was only four months ago that she stopped breastfeeding her daughter. Jo and her family are hoping that she will compete at the Olympics in 2016.


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