Katriana Vepres iterum in scaena cantat: Kate Bush performs live again


Die Martis Londinio cantrix Katriana Vepres in scaena erat. Iampridem Katriana non in aperto cantat, vero abhinc annos triginti quinque. Horas tres spectatores magnopere delectabat. Cantantem de naufragio, Katrianam, in undis perditam secundum canem, helicopter ex mare tulit. Non iam Katriana tale voce angusta ululat quale annos undeviginti nata cantare posset sed spectaculum insolitum audientibus praebuit. Omnes rebus Vepris fructi sunt. Acta diurna Tempora dicunt eam esse Britannicissam omnium qui modo fanatico novissimo cantent. Filia mea Veritas fervide commovetur quae tesseram habeat ad spectaculum videndum.

bush helicopter 

On Tuesday in London the singer Kate Bush was on stage. Kate has not sung in public for a long time, in fact 35 years. For three hours she enthralled the audience. Singing about a ship wreck in which she was cast into the waves, Kate was lifted from the sea by a helicopter.  Kate no longer hits the very high notes which she could sing when she was 19 years old, but she gave the audience an outstanding show. Everyone enjoyed Bush’s performance. The Times newspaper said that she is the most British of all the most progressive pop musicians. My daughter Verity is very excited because she has a ticket for the show.


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