Farah Keitanyque superant in Cursu Magno Septentrionale: Farah and Keitany triumph in Great North Run

Hodie athleta Britannicus Mo Farah omnes in Cursu Magno Septentrionale per vias Novocastri superavit.


Cursus, primo anno MCMLXXXI certatus, crebrissimus est in toto orbe terrarum quoad hodie quinquaginta septem milia hominum intererant et decens centiens millensima athleta, Tracey Cramond nomine, cursum permensa est.


Farah adeo optime cucurrit ut celerrimus Britannicus nunc praestet, qui cursus tredecim milia passuum hora una exacta perficeret. Vir praeclarus fortisque est qui se saepe strenue sapienter exerceat ut omnes vincat. Femina prima, Maria Keitany, Kenyiensis, cursum sexaginta quinque minutis permensa est et nunc celerrima umquam in cursu praestat. Athleta Britannica celerrima erat Gemma Adamantea, quae secunda cursum perfecit. Eheu, adesse mihi placeret!


Today the British athlete Mo Farah triumphed on the streets of Newcastle in the Great North Run. The race, first held in 1981, is the most popular in the world, for today 57,000 took part and the millionth runner, Tracey Cramond, completed the course. Farah ran so quickly that he broke the record, completing the thirteen mile route in one hour exactly. He is an outstanding man and athlete, for he trains hard and intelligently every day in order to be the best. The first female athlete was Mary Keitany, a Kenyan, who completed the race in 65 minutes and is now the record holder for the course. The first British woman was Gemma Steel, who finished second. Oh, I would have loved to be there!



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