Cives Caledoniae affati sunt. The Scottish people have spoken.


Hodie cognoscemus quid populus Caledoniae censent. ‘Non’ electo, in Regno Coniuncto manere volunt. Octaginta quinque per centum cives suffragia tulerunt, quinquaginta quinque per centum electores “non” dixerunt. Abhinc decem dies res sic anceps videbatur ut Minister Primus Cameron pavore afflictus promitteret potestatem majorem reipublicae Caledoniae traditam iri, si cives ‘non’ eligant. Feliciter Gordon Brown orationem suavissimam aptissimamque dixit in quo Regnum Coniunctum ferventer laudabant.


Sed hodie mane Alex Salmond ab spe destitutus populi affatus est: populum Caledoniae eligisse, nunc Cameroni esse promissa servanda.


Necesse est nobis, ut duces Angliae dicunt, Senatum Londinii reficere ut legati Caledonienses non res Anglias disceptare possint.

Today we know what the people of Scotland think. They voted ‘no’ and want to stay in the United Kingdom. Eighty five per cent of the electorate voted, fifty five per cent of the voters said ‘no’. Ten days ago the outcome seemed so doubtful that Prime Minister Cameron panicked and promised that more power would be handed to the Scottish Government if the voters chose ‘no’.


Fortunately Gordon Brown gave a brilliant and persuasive speech in which he powerfully endorsed the Union. But this morning a disappointed Alex Salmond addressed the people. He said that the Scottish peopl had chosen; now Cameron would have to keep his promises. The political leaders in England say that we need to reform the Westminster Parliament so that the Scottish MPs cannot influence English business.


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