Wonga adfligitur: Wonga in trouble

Argentarium Wongam res ancipites adfligunt. Pecunias pauperibus quinquaginis centisimis faereratur. Mutuantes oportet quam celerrime renumare quod nimium est faenus Wongae. Anno novissimo Welby Archiepiscopus Cantabrigensis denuntiavit quomodo se Wongam conficiat. Nil evenit sed nuper judices argentiariorum edixerunt Wongae pecunias pauperium retribuendas quibus epistulas minantes falsas iecisset. Judices eadem Wongam condemnavit quod nefas esset pauperibus commodare qui minime pecunias reddere possent. Nunc Wonga, ut judices pronuntiaverunt, complures miliones librorum debet. Fortasse verba Archiepiscopi sancientur.


Trouble has hit the lender Wonga. They lend money to the poor at a monthly rate of interest of fifty percent. Lenders should repay as quickly as possible because Wonga’s rate of interest is so high. Last year, Archbishop Welby of Cantabury announced how he would finish Wonga. Nothing happened, but recently the financial services authorities decreed that Wonga had to pay back the money of the poor to whom they had sent fake threatening letters. The authorities also condemned Wonga because it is wrong to lend to the poor who are scarcely able to repay the money. Now Wonga owes several millions of pounds. Perhaps the Archbishop’s promise will be fulfilled.


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