Comitia Crimeana: Crimean Referendum

Hodie Crimeā comitia aguntur.

Populum oportet delegere res publicas huius loci Ukranei, utrum imperium Russiae donētur an res publicanae fiant Crimeanae. Non licet Crimeam in imperio Ukraneo permanere quam Putinus, dictator Russicus, non patiatur quod classis Russica portu Sevastapolis utetur. In his terris sunt limites incerti et mutabiles. Abhinc sexaginta annos Crimeae Russia imperabat. Abhinc viginti quinque annos Ukraneus est libertus, sed res publicae ibi minime iuste agentur. Nationes Europeae Americanaeque commotae sunt quae res ancipites timeant. Bellum eveniat ? plurimi pacem desiderunt sed res sunt periculosae.

A child votes for her mother Voters in Crimean referendum, 16 March 2014

Today in Crimea a vote is taking place. The people have to decide the constitution of this part of the Ukraine, whether rule should be handed to the Russians or whether  Crimea should be an independent state. Crimea is not being allowed to stay part of the Ukraine, which the Russian dictator Putin cannot accept because the Russian fleet uses the port of Sevastapol. In this region borders are uncertain and changeable. Sixty years ago Russia ruled Crimea. For twenty five years Ukraine has ben independent, but the state has been badly run. The nations of Europe and America are worried because things are on a knife edge. Will there be a war? Most people want peace but it’s a dangerous situation.


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