Preston Bus Station: statio ad quadrigas stabulandas

Brutalist monstrosity or paragon?

Preston Bus Station

Urbi Prestoni est statio maxima ad quadrigas stabulandas. Anno MCMXLIV structa est. Hodie aedicificium alii oderunt alii amant. Alii brutum, alii exemplo esse optimo architecturae modernae dixerunt. Pauci id foedissimum putant sed errant. Decuriones urbis stationem destruere volunt quod, ut dicunt, nunc inutilis pretiosa sit. Fautores tamen architecturae modernae consilium reiecerunt quod aedificium mirificum egregiumque sit. Feliciter duces reipublicae censuerunt stationem non ab decurionibus destruendam.

The town of Preston has a very large bus station. It was built in 1964. Today some people hate the building, others love it. Some say that its ungainly, others that it is an excellent example of modern architecture. A few say it’s very ugly, but they are wrong. The Town Council want to demolish the bus station because, they say, it is now useless and expensive. Supporters of modern architecture oppose the plan on the grounds that it is an amazing and special building. Fortunately the Government have decided that the Town Council may not demolish the bus station.


Guns in American fast food eateries

Septimana proxima duces comitatuum Americanorum consulti sunt utrum anne clientes liceat in tabernis suis gerere pistolia. Legati Stellabux, taberna caffeatoria, et DunkinDonuts (Crustula Mergentia) dixerunt pistolia non esse accepta, sed legatus MacDonalds accepta pistolia dixit si leges regionales rem adprobent. Ergo quandocunque Americā panulum MacMagnum emātis, vobis cavere oportet.

Last week, the bosses of some American companies were asked whether or not customers were allowed to carry guns in their shops. The representatives of Starbucks and DunkinDonuts said that guns were not welcome, but the MacDonalds representative said they wer welcome if the laws of the state allowed it. So whenever you buy a Big Mac burger in America, you’d better watch out.

Cursus Britanniae: Tour of Britain

Die Domini undeviginti manūs birotorum de urbe Peeblese  Caledoniense abiverunt. Super birotas centum decem quattuor certatores contendunt, quibus inest ille Comes Bradleius Wiggins optimus. Lancastriensis Mattheus Cronshaw, viginti quattuor annos natus, qui scholam Carnforde comitatus est, certatur. Die Lunae de Luguvallio ad Kendalem trans centum decem milia passuum clivosa contendent, sed infeliciter Lancastriae urbem praeteribunt. Londinio die Domini sequente peragent. secunda sint Bradleii Mattheique. Festinate!

On Sunday nineteen teams of cyclists set off from the Scottish town of Peebles. One hundred and fourteen competitors are taking part, amongst whom is the great Sir Bradley Wiggins. A Lancastrian Matthew Cronshaw, twenty four years old, who attended school in Carnforth, is taking part. On Monday, they will cover a hundred and ten hilly miles from Carlisle to Kendal, but unfortunately they will pass Lancaster by. They will finish on the following Sunday in London. Good luck, Bradley and Matt. Go for it!

Ludi Olympici Nipponenses

Urbs Nipponensis Tokio ludos Olympicos anno MMXX complectet. Tokio, in contentione qua locus Olympicus optetur, urbes Constantinopolis Madritique superavit. Gentes magna dispendia ludorum amplexunt quod honores maximi nationi afferant, ergo inter se urbes obnixe contendebant. Tokio, ut fertur, est locus anceps quod Fukushima modo CXL milia passuum distat, ubi toxicum nuclearis solum aquamque aeremque graviter foedavit. Dux tamen, Shinzo Abe nomine, rem Olympicam Nipponensem anno MMXX futurum esse omnino tutum confirmavit.

shinzo abe

The Japanese city Tokyo will welcome the Olympic Games in 2020. Tokyo beat the cities of Istanbul and Madrid in the competition by which the Olympic site is chosen. People accept the heavy costs of the games because of the prestige it gives to the nation. They say that Tokio is a risky place because only 140 miles away is Fukushima, where nuclear pollution has poisoned the soil, the water and the air. However the Prime Minister,  Shinzo Abe, has asserted that  the Japanese Olympics in 2020 will be completely safe.